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Help find Ireland's tallest Native Elms,
and reseed thousands of these
disease-resistant trees across Ireland.

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A Native Woodland Trust initiative

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"Our Vision is an Ireland with native disease-resistant Elm trees restored to their habitat across the island."

- Linda Lawlor, CEO, Native Woodland Trust.

When nature needs our help.

The Wych Elm (Ulmus Glabra) is the only species of Elm which is actually native to Ireland.


Unfortunately, the Irish Wych Elm, like many other elm species, has been greatly affected by Dutch Elm Disease (DED). Ireland lost millions of trees, having a profound impact on the landscape and cultural heritage of the country.

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...most are gone, but some have survived!

Despite the devastating impact of DED on elm populations in Ireland, it is thought that some of these trees still managed to survive, mainly due to natural resistance or tolerance to DED. These resistant trees are less susceptible to the disease and can survive even in the presence of the pathogen.


Identifying and propagating these resistant individuals is crucial for preserving the species, that's why we have decided to on an Irish native Elms search.

We're galvanising a community
with a common mission.

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Identify over 100 Veteran Elm trees (over 45ft)

Create a centralised database with a suite of data on every tree including location, photos, measurements and surroundings.

Study the trees for resistance.

Image by Jodie Righos

Collect the seeds and propagate them.

Restore the Native Elm and the biodiversity they support to Ireland.

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You can help make a big difference...

  • Help save magnificent native Wych Elms for the future generations.

  • Take part in something good and worthwhile that directly impacts nature positively.

  • Provide a service to the nation.

  • Spread the news and educate the next generation.

  • Provide real trees for planting which will last for years and add side benefits like biodiversity.

  • Bring back full-sized Elm trees across Ireland.

  • Provide useful data for study and expand the pool of genetic resources to help preserve species.

"I would feel very self-satisfied knowing I have helped return something lost from collective memories, a cultural attachment to a prominent native species."

– Colin

Join the hunt right now for a veteran Elm tree!

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We're going on a Wych Hunt...

Getting started couldn't be easier.
All you need to do is follow these 4 steps:


Step 1

Learn how to identify a Wych Elm tree


Step 2

Hunt for your first Wych Elm tree


Step 3

Find, identify and tag

your first tree


Step 4

Upload your find to our central database via this website

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Wych Hunt really
is for everyone.

  • Nature lovers

  • Walking groups

  • Citizen scientists

  • Hikers

  • Bikers

  • Runners

  • Walkers

  • Sunday strollers

  • Photographers

  • Landowners

  • Farmers

  • Foresters

  • Environmentalists

  • Botanists

  • Casual observers

  • School-teachers

  • Families

When can I start?
Wych Hunt is for now.

  • The best time to hunt is now, while the leaves are in full bloom.

  • The database is officially open from June 15th 2023 and we are accepting submissions from that date.

Our target is to 
catalogue 100 trees in year one.

The trees we've located

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